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Characterization of Ursula Riggs (Thoughts)

Ursula Riggs is introduced as a loner. It seems as if she accepts this and even as if she has chosen this for herself. On page 22 she says "Ugly Girl stands alone" and on page 9 she states that she hasn't got many friends in her high school Rocky River High.
But maybe the fact that she is a loner also strenghtens her independence she emphasizes on page 69 by saying "Right. It's my life, Mom. Not yours or Dad's." But it could also be the other way round.
Additionally she says on page 9: "I wasn't what you'd call a team player."
Ursula knows that she is physically strong (see page 8: "But Ugly Girl was one of the best athletes at Rocky River High."), but also that she is unattractive ("Ugly Girl's body wasn't built for the diving board, or for water. Or for critical eyes."(page 9); "I knew I wasn't an ugly girl. I was Ugly Girl." (page 9).
After losing the basketball match she reproaches herself: "Yes, but you know: it is your fault."

by Max, Anna S.-T., Birte & Markus
18.12.08 18:19

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