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Characterisation of Ursula Riggs (Actions)

Ursula Riggs is the protagonist of the novel “Big Mouth & Ugly Girl” by Joyce Carol Oates, published by HarperCollins Children’s Books in 2003.
She is a split personality. On one side there is Ursula Riggs, a shy and unconfident girl. Yet on the other hand she is competitive (p.9/ l. 9) and unyielding (p.8/ ll. 1-4; p.11/ll. 17-20).
This side of her personality is the Ugly Girl’s side, which loves playing basketball and is willing to take a risk, just to win a game.
Ugly Girl is very moody (p.12/ll. 15,16) and that’s why she's an a loner girl. She has not much friends and her mom and little sister are already into “friends” (p.9/ l.22; p.12/ l.10; p.15/l. 25). In her opinion you could be hurt if you like people (p.10/ l.22).
But she doesn’t have an interest in this fact and doesn’t care about that people might not like her, so she is also indifferent (p.9/ l.22; p.12/ l.10; p.10/ l. 27).
All in all Ugly Girl only depends on herself and isn’t intimidated by someone.

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