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Characterization of Ursula

Ursula first appears as a girl who is pretty critic against the rest of the world and who seems to be turned away from her schoolmates and a normal student’s life.
But after a while the reader also gets to know Ursula as a girl who just has a lot of thoughts about the world and in a way seems to really observe the actions of other people around her.
She often speaks about other people in a sarcastic way and if necessary she also is brave enough to speak honest to them and to tell them about her opinion.
In her offensive manner she often makes people dislike her and make her being cut off or even verbally attacked by other students.
Ursula mostly speaks in a colloquial language but she is also intelligent enough to be able to speak in a very serious way of necessary.
As already mentioned, Ursula likes to think about things happening around her, in a way she is even philosophic in the way she works her thoughts out.
When she thinks about other people and the way they act Ursula is always really precise in her ideas. Ursula is a character who is very distinctive from the start off and who has a lot of character features making the reader being able to imagine her easily. Thus she becomes a very lively character.

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